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An affordable and flexible design package for any office.    The Perfect Place for you to get started on your project.  Looking for a plug and play solution to transform your existing office or kick start a new space into an awesome and productive well oiled machine!  Contact us today for your Complimentary Consultation.  Tap into our 35 Years of Chiropractic Knowledge to give you the edge you need. 

What’s included?

  • Space Planning
  • Up to 4 Personalized Revisions Created for $899

Ideal for:

  • Practices on a budget

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable solution and fast office setup
  • Access to Years of Chiropractic Expertise 




Is your Space Planning Complete?  Great!  Let ChiroDesign Group help you with the Permit Process.  We can develop plans from your Space Plan to allow you to apply for your Permit to begin the Construction of your new office. 

What’s included?

  • Identifying Building Department Requirements
  • Coordination of Plans to submit to the Building Department to acquire a Permit 
  • Elevation Drawings Showing Detail of Millwork & Other Necessary Details 
  • Permit Plans Created for $1499

Ideal For:

  • Any Chiropractic Practice Ready to Let go of the stress

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate the Distraction from your Practice
  • Let ChiroDesign take over the process so you can focus on your patients and your practice.




Let ChiroDesign Take Away Your Stress.  We will locate and Coordinate General Contractors to Bid for your project.   If you  already have a GC, we will coordinate with that GC, and compare their Bid to others in your area.   This is an important process.  Don't leave it to chance, let the experts work to get you the best price possible for your project.  

What’s included?

Locate & Coordinate General Contractors to Bid your Project

  • Answer ALL Questions regarding the Details of the Job
  • Review GC Bids with Doctor to Make Final Selection 
  • Contractor Selection Service - $999

Ideal for:

  • Any team size

Key Benefits:

  • Utilize our experience to make your financial decision




 A Project Coordination Service for business.  Let us take the Day to Day Minutia out of your hands and into our experienced hands.  We will coordinate all processes for your Construction to happen.  Receive weekly updates as to the status of your job.  Let all questions come through us and we will handle the rest.   

What’s included? 

  • Project Coordination 
  • Create Project Timeline 
  • Coordinate the delivery of Materials and Equipment 
  • Work ongoing with the GC Until project is complete 
  • Handle any issues that come up during the process  
  • This Service Fee Varies-Starting at $1399

Ideal for:

  • Busy Doctors Who Do NOT Want the Distraction 

Key Benefits:

  • Utilize our experience to handle what is easy for us and Stressful to you.  

The Complete Office Design Package

 Your office is a representation of your team’s personality and business values to your clients and employees. Now you can achieve a beautiful and functional space for less with help from our expert design team.

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